Welcome to Rhea Lana's of North Coast, San Diego

Serving Oceanside, Carlsbad & Vista  

 An Upscale Children's Consignment Event  

Fall Event Dates - TBD!!!!!


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Upcoming SoCal Events:

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Ausgust 12-18

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Jeanette- jeanette@rhealana.com  / 805-252-7804
Lauren- laurenaloia@rhealana.com / 951-265-5064 

 See what Rhea Lana's is all about!

START CLEANING OUT THOSE CLOSETS AND MAKE GREAT MONEY AT OUR SPRING EVENT!  Last season our average consignor paycheck was $200-$600!!

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Reasons YOU should consign at Rhea Lana's:

1. We guarantee your items, so you can trust us with your very BEST!

2.  Consignor checks are ready on PICK-UP DAY... no waiting on your check to arrive in the mail!

3.  You can check your sales LIVE and see when an item sells...... WARNING: This can become addictive. :)

4.  SMART PHONE ITEM ENTRY!!!   We know moms are busy and we appreciate your time and energy... we know you will LOVE this feature!!! CLICK HERE AND WATCH A VIDEO THAT DEMONSTRATES THE FAST AND EASY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU GET STARTED!  
5. You have control over the pricing of your items and you make 70% of the total sale price.  You pay one $12.00 consignor fee.

6. You can consign all of your items in one place over a week's time and get a check at the end of the event! You prepare your LIKE NEW clothes and items and we'll invite the shoppers!

7. Many families can affordably buy an entire season's wardrobe at our events. They stretch their budget and shop our high quality clothing for much less than retail. We'll have a large selection of baby, children's, junior's and maternity clothing, baby equipment, toys, books, movies, games, furniture and much more!




MARKET Your Business With Us
We love partnering with local, family-friendly businesses, and community organizations. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at our event or would like to participate in our goody bag give-away, please contact Jeanette at 805-252-7804 or by email at jeanette@rhealana.com. This is a wonderful way to let moms know about your business.


One of the most fulfilling things we do after our event is donate lovely children's items to non-profit organizations, who give them directly to children and families in need. At Rhea Lana's we are moms, who love helping moms. 

We are looking forward to serving the families in the North Coast Cities of San Diego through this wonderful event.  We would love to have you join us as a shopper, consignor, volunteer or better yet, all three!

If you have questions about these events, please feel free to contact us. We are so excited to see you soon!  

Sincerely, Jeanette & Lauren

Jeanette Maines- 805-252-7804 /  jeanette@rhealana.com 
Lauren Aloia- 951-265-5064 / laurenaloia@rhealana.com

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Our Rhea Lana Mission:

To serve with love and integrity, familes everywhere with inviting, excellent and valuable children's consignment events.