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STEP #1: Register to become a Consignor (Click here!)

Consignors receive 60% of their sales and a FREE early shopping pass for Pre-Sale weekend! Each consignor number holds 300 items. There is an $12 fee per 300 items. (Consignors can "bundle" several pieces of clothing together to make one "item".) Scroll down to watch our tutorial video if you'd like an example! You may have as many consignor numbers as you need!

STEP #2: Gather Acceptable Items (Click here!)

Join our Consignor Club!

Join our Consignor Club on Facebook for support leading up to our event!

STEP #3: Prep Your Items. (Click here!)

We use white string tags (size 1.75 x 1.093) and safety pins. Use this link to order consignor supplies from Rhea Lana's corporate office.

Order white string tags from Amazon HERE.

Or you can find them for a better price in bulk online from "Store Supply Warehouse"

Order safety pins from Amazon HERE

Or you can find them for a better price in bulk online from "Cleaner's Supply". You can even buy the safety pins "open" to save you a step!

Click Here & Watch Our Tutorial Video

First time consignors, never fear! Our short tutorial will walk you through every single step of consigning.

How to Consign Clothes

How to Consign Shoes

How to Consign Games, Puzzle, Books, & Movies

How to Consign Baby Gear

STEP 4: Enter & Prep Your Items. (Click here!)

Our voice entry is a gamechanger! Enter 100 items in 30 minutes. Just remember the order for voice entry is "1. Item 2. Price 3. Size 4. Discount." Watch our tutorial video!

STEP 5: Drop Off Your Items

In-Store Consignor Check-In Appointments required. Please sign up here. Please bring your printed inventory sheets for each batch. Or we can print them at the store for $1

Curbside Appointments Available here!

Sign-up required!

VIP Consignor Program

We do the work - You earn the perks! Earn 35% of sales and a pass to shop early. A VIP Processor preps and enters all of your items for you!

Consignor Supplies Available for Porch Pickup

Oceanside: 2413 Papyrus Ct, 92054 Temecula: 31376 Chemin Chevailer 92591 Exact change or venmo. Go anytime that works for you. Box is outside. $3 for bundle of 100 string tags. $3 for bag of safety pin (size 1 & 2 available).

Early Barcode pick-up

Early barcode pick up will be available on the following days: 9/17 & 9/25. Must sign up on the link by 11PM night prior.

To request your barcodes to be mailed directly to you

For $4 we will mail your barcodes directly to you. Please sign up.

Consignor Referrals

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Click the title above to view and download all of the important consigning information! Everything you need to know about consigning with us is in this guide! You can even download it to your device to refer back to it. All links are included!